Avail of Ireland's Trading Online Voucher Scheme

The Irish Government is offering a €2500 trading voucher to assist small and medium sized enterprises to create a web presence and start conducting e-commerce. They have indentified that it is imperative for these businesses to join the digital landscape to build and scale their existing businesses. Along with the voucher there is additional training and advice provided.

This sounds great but there are conditions that will need to be considered before applying for the grant. The grant only covers a maximum of 50% of the total cost so to qualify for the full €2500 grant you must outlay €5000. This is a sizable outlay and is it money well spent? You will need to assess what you actually need before committing. A website needs to convey who you are and where you’re based but more importantly it needs to drive customers to your business. Having an e-commerce function is therefore a must have. Expanding your market to the wider domestic and international markets will positively drive sales for your business.

Before signing up to the trading online voucher scheme there are certain criteria to be met. To qualify you must fall into the following:

  • Have no more than 10 employees
  • Have less than 2 million turnover per year
  • Be trading for at least 12 months
  • Be located in the same region as the Local Enterprise Office to whom you are applying.

Are you still with us? To progress then there is a half day seminar that is compulsory to attend. Topics that are covered include website development, digital marketing, search engine optimisation, digital marketing and social media.

To fully understand the processes go to the Local Enterprise Website www.localenterprise.ie or contact them directly. Voucher numbers are limited so if this is of interest to you then don’t delay. Kudos to the Irish Government for trying to help small enterprises get online, simplifying the process would be beneficial and availing of the great website platforms already available would be a lot easier and time efficient for SMEs. Perhaps they may consider allowing the grant to cover memberships to establish websites within these ecosystems. Using the expertise of these platforms seems a more sensible and cost effective approach.