Shipping with SAMM

At SAMM we have invested in devising our shipping process to provide a simple process for both retailer and consumer. Please take the time to be guided through the shipping process.

Calculating shipping costs

SAMM has implemented a system that allows the retailer to understand shipping from the very first product addition. When you input your first product, you will be asked whether you wish to toggle on shipping or not. If you do wish to ship products, you will be asked to provide the product weight. A slider will then appear asking you to input shipping destinations, shipping methods and shipping rates for different weight ranges.

Shipping Destinations

Select where you are willing to ship to. The two main options are domestic and international. If you wish to customise postage for a specific region this can be done also, e.g. set different postage rates to post to the UK.

Shipping Methods

We think it is valuable to give the consumer options on how to receive their goods. Standard postage will most likely be the preferred method. However if you want to allow registered post or a courier service, this can be done so here. Registered post allows for security for the consumer so may be worth considering, especially if the item is valuable. Couriers are beneficial for speed of delivery and product tracking. If the consumer wishes to pay for these options, then why not offer them.

Adding Shipping Rates to Product Weight Ranges

SAMM automatically calculates the shipping rates for products once the retailer has inputted a postage price for those weight ranges. This is very important to take your time and get right. On each product added you will be asked to input a product weight, this allows us to assign a postage rate for that product. Let's look at an example.

The weight of the product is 2 kg.
This falls into the product weight range of 1.01 - 3kg.
You will see that the markets you wish to post to (Ireland and International) are shown horizontally.
The postage methods you wish to offer (standard post, registered post and courier) are shown vertically.

Shipping rates need to be added for each option (e.g. Standard Post & Ireland). This information will be saved and will be the rate for that shipping option on all products you create within that weight range. This process will repeat when products with weights that fall into different weight ranges are added.

Free P&P

If Free P&P is selected, it automatically overrides the standard postage for that region. See standard post for Ireland in the above image.

Postage Price Guide

We provide a postage price guide from An Post for standard and registered postage rates.

Add Packaging Costs

Don't forget to add the cost of your packaging, transportation to the post office, etc. These need to be added within the shipping costs as they are an expense to you.

Customising Weight Ranges

You can create your own weight ranges for shipping. The existing weight ranges will need to be deleted though for this to work. Only attempt this if you are experienced with the system and are comfortable altering these settings.

That's all you need to know about shipping with SAMM. Of course, if you need any further assistance, you can always contact us and we'll be glad to be of help.