Build your online brand with SAMM

OK, so you've been a little apprehensive in getting into e-commerce. It's understandable for a multiple of reasons. Running a small business comes at a cost. Time is precious, margins are tight and allocating resources to manage an online presence doesn't seem feasible at this point in time. Investing in a website that may, or may not, produce benefit to your business is a risk that you may not be able to justify. Also you may have limited knowledge of what you actually need, this unfortunately can be exploited and you pay for something that is of no real benefit.

So now we have outlined the problem, what is the solution? The solution for many small businesses is to have a 3rd party provide the platform for you to conduct business online, with a small outlay in time and money. If you have listed products on eBay or Amazon then you are aware of the power of an online marketplace which is available with minimal effort and control. The audience is huge, the reach global, and the brand strong. The limitations with these two highly successful websites though are that they do not allow for the creation of your own brand. People may purchase your product but they will tell their friends that they bought it on Amazon or eBay and your brand is lost in the ether.

Reality is that you, as a small business, cannot compete with these conglomerates with an individual website that is trying to gain customers through organic page ranking in Google. You may be enticed to purchase Google Adwords to enhance your search ability but that is another cost that will eat into your margins. The solution that we have devised at SAMM is to combine the power of the marketplace with the individuality of your own store. We understand that products in a marketplace allow the consumer to search with ease for their desirable result. This allows you, the small business owner, to reach a massive audience within a targeted market. Just as Google is the knowledge search engine, we endeavour to be the shopping search engine, the leading location on the web where all businesses, small or large, can sell their products to all regions and markets.

So you say this is not new and you're correct. What SAMM allows though is for you to create your own website within our ecosystem to promote your business and build your brand. To market on social media, advertise in your existing retail store and be found through the search engines. We allow you to build your store and have your products in the marketplace within minutes. You receive you own SAMM URL and the ability to customise your products and individual store with limited technical knowledge. We take the fear away from conducting e-commerce, and instead give you the ability to enhance your existing business. The conception that e-commerce is hard is a misnomer that we strive to change. You can conduct e-commerce; you just need to be guided through the process. Our 30-day free trial gives you the opportunity to enter the market and alleviate the fear. Over 75% of Irish businesses are unable to conduct e-commerce. Think of the money that is seeping out of the country to online retailers who are doing exactly what you can be doing. Trade within e-commerce is predicted to reach 20 billion by 2020. Don't you think you need to be a part of it?